KiTa Schatzinsel

Child Day Care Center in Binningen

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Playing Children

Daycare Premises

Regarding the child care environment our main concern is the health and safety of the children in our care. More than that our space concept promotes child-friendly play and learnig. A place where children can be children, feel good and act out their natural curiosity and creativity.

Theme Spaces

The facilities of the Daycare Schatzinsel comprise a main house with spacious and child-friendly rooms and two gardens for outdoor activities. Our group care environments are thoughtfully designed and relate to the needs of infants and their caregivers.

Movement Areas | Dormitory for mixed-age groups

In our facility this is a functional room. On the one hand it is used as a movement space on the other as a rest area and dormitory, depending on time of day.

Movement Room

Infants and toddlers need an environment that encourages and fosters movement. In the movement area the children can blow off steam, but also participate in targeted activities such as ball games, children's gymnastics, children's yoga and children's dances. This room is also used as a dormitory from 12:30 pm to 3:00 pm.

Be creative ...

Your children may become little artists in the creative area during the week. The daycare provides diverse oportunities in the field of art and works and design such as painting, crafting, kneading, drawing, glue and paper-maché and much more.

Room for Free Play

This enlongated room between the "Little Monkeys“ and the "Pirates“ is divided into several thematic areas. Here you will find a reading, construction and Lego zone as well as a corner for "transformation“. This room is used by children of both groups during the free play time, but also by one group only.

Outdoor Premises

The ground floor rooms have direct access to the garden, which invites to exciting activities or just to linger. There is various outdoor equipment and plenty of space to play with different natural materials, such as water, wood and stones.

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