KiTa Schatzinsel

Child Day Care Center in Binningen

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✆ +41 61 423 01 33

Playing Children

Daycare Premises

Regarding the child care environment our main concern is the health and safety of the children in our care. More than that our space concept promotes child-friendly play and learnig. A place where children can be children, feel good and act out their natural curiosity and creativity.

The facilities of the Daycare Schatzinsel comprise a main house with spacious and child-friendly rooms and two gardens for outdoor activities. Our group care environments are thoughtfully designed and relate to the needs of infants and their caregivers.

The ground floor rooms have direct access to the garden, which invites to exciting activities or just to linger. There is various outdoor equipment and plenty of space to play with different natural materials, such as water, wood and stones.

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