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Playing Children

Age Groups

The Daycare Schatzinsel has made it a principle to limit the group size to a maximum of 14 children. A size small enough to meet individual needs, on the other hand large enough to allow the child to socially interact with their peers in an appropriate way.

Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child's soul.

Friedrich Fröbel

At the Daycare Schatzinsel each group is supervised by 2 carergivers. Our staff consists of pedagogues, apprentices and international trainees. All of them are trained according to their functions and have many years of experience in childcare.

Of happy Äffli ...

Kleine Affen

The "Äffli" group is focused on a playful understanding of the surrounding world. Selected playing materials invite the kids to explore and to experiment by themselves. The children collect their own experiences and insights and thus learn how to navigate through their environment. An additional concern of the "Äffli" (little monkeys) is the promotion of self-reliance, which is carefully developed. Children discover their world in different ways. We see ourselves as companions of the children and support them individually in their everyday daycare life. Thereby it is important to stand by their side, while respecting their freedom to make their own decisions – within limits, of course.

... and cool Pirates


The "Pirates“ expand and deepen the achievements of the previous groups and adapt them individually to each child's state of awareness. The social behaviour in the group and the development of values are promoted according to age. In order to increase responsibility and self-reliance the „older“ children take on smaller tasks in the KiTa's daily routine, such as setting and clearing the tables and to keep order in the play areas. Our children have a right to co-determination and are organised in the „kid's council“, which lays down rules that include the rights of the children as well as the duties associated.

Kindergarten children

We offer a drop-off and pick-up service for our kindergarten children. The children spend their afternoon with various activities, e. g. visiting playgrounds in Basel-Land and surrounding, the Botanical Garden Basel-City, museums, the (always favoured) Basel Zoo and much else.

Within the Daycare variety and playing freely is of great importance. The children shall have the opportunity to be creative, to experiment, to try out roles, to develop their imagination and to practise their new abilities. After a varied morning in the kindergarten, the children are allowed to do whatever they like to do. This also includes that the children may just relax on the couch.

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