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Child Day Care Center in Binningen

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Fees Guide

Our prices include all meals, beverages and toiletries. This excludes milk powder products as well as personalized hygiene and food products.

Full Day Care
Up to 19 Months 122
From 19 Months 110
Half Day Care
(7-2pm or 11:30-6:30pm)
Up to 19 Months 74
From 19 Months 67
Kindergarten Children I*
Time CHF
7 am - Noon** 48
Noon - 2 pm 19
Kindergarten Children II*
Time CHF
4 pm - 6:30 pm 24
Noon - 6:30 pm 62
Urgency Places
(Extra Days)
Babies 130
Infants 118
Sample Calculation
(up to 19 Months, 5 Days)
5 x 122 x 4.2 2,562
-- --

*Company (each way) 10 CHF**Holiday season

Monthly Fees

In the supervision agreement, the individual dues per child and day of care are added up within one week and converted by the factor 4.2 to a monthly flat rate. See sample calculation. The costs for the care days are to be paid in advance by the 1st of the month. Additional care days will be charged separately. Absences, holidays and other times absent are liable to pay.

Registration Fee | Deposit

At registration a fee of CHF 150,- will be charged. In addition a deposit of 1 month in the amount of the care costs agreed is required. This applies to subsidized places too. In the event of termination of the agreement the deposit will be credited if all costs are covered.

Discounts & Subsidies

We grant a sibling discount of 10% for the older child. Subsidies can be applied for at the municipality Binningen.

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