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Joining day care is not always an easy way to go. Parents who have to let go, children who leave the family's security for the first time in their life – albeit only temporarily. A significant event in the lives of all people involved, but especially for the child it represents a new and uncertain stage of life. A step into a huge and unknown world, which is often intimidating and provokes uncertainties. But the world also wants to be discovered. Good to know that your child is in safe keeping. Anyhow, our framework conditions speak for themselves.

The KiTa Schatzinsel provides...

Thus the world still remains a big one, but we are happy to accompany your child on the exciting journey to make a huge world a little bit more familiar.

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It is of great importance to us that children of different nationalities, religions or ideologies feel accepted and welcome in our Kita. That they can play and learn, sing and laugh, cherish and respect each other, "conquer the world" together and act out their natural curiosity.

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