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Playing Children

Our Concept


The needs and interests of the children form the basis of our pedagogical concept. We at the KiTa Schatzinsel believe that childhood is a unique and valuable stage of life and therefore we seek to enrich each child's life through a wide range of opportunities that enhance the growth and development of the children entrusted to us. We accentuate self-confidence, independence, self-determination within limits and respect for children’s dignity.

To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely.

Maria Montessori

Nature Pedagogy

Nature is a great teacher! Exercise is crucial for child development. Particularly exercise in nature. Nowhere else do we feel so deeply connected to life, so challenged, excited and reassured. A treasure trove of experience. Indeed children can immerse themselves while playing with natural materials such as clay or sand, leaves or branches, stones and water. Their play can be long, rich and complex then. When children play outdoors, they are more relaxed and cooperative.

The KiTa Schatzinsel regularly provides outdoor activities. We frequently undertake trips to discover the natural surroundings of Binningen, exciting places, where children learn to respect and to appreciate their environment and where they can experience the flora and fauna with all their senses.


It is our concern that our children get an optimal support during the settling-in phase. The first meeting is primarily intended to get to know each other. Thereby the presence of at least one parent is expedient and desirable – especially timid and quiet children feel safer when stepping into a new phase of life. To the extent the child accepts his new environment, the parents can gradually withdraw from the action. We work according to the "Berlin Adjustment Model". Usually this means a settling time of 14 days, which can, however, be extended according to the child's needs.

In order to provide consistency within the groups, a fixed minimum attendance of a total of 2 full or 4 half days per week is required. For kindergarten children, the KiTa Schatzinsel has no recommendation or minimum attendance requirements.


Our team is diverse, international and consists of qualified professionals, trainees and students. Each team member contributes according to his/her expertise and resources as well as many years of experience. This applies in particular to the bilingual offer of our institution. As part of quality assurance, we continue to improve our methods through further education, supervision and pedagogical training.


Contact with the parents is essential to us. Regular meetings, development talks and, last but not least, daily discussions “between doorways“ ensure optimal coordination between parents and educators.

Premises & Interior Design

The design of the spatial environment is of particular concern in the Kita Schatzinsel. "Space as an additional educator" is one of the principles of contemporary pedagogics, which has realized that a child-oriented space concept is of enormous importance for the development of the personality.

Inside the KiTa Schatzinsel lighting, furnishing and natural materials create a feel-good atmosphere. "Active areas" are also enlivened by bright and friendly colours. Our rooms are located on the ground floor, allowing the opening of the building to the natural outdoor areas. This encourages the children to go out of their own accord and explore the world. It is in the nature of the beast that this does not always conform to the scrupulous cleanliness requirements of adults, but what are dirty trousers compared to the realization that mud gets colder and colder the deeper you dig?

With our space concept we want to offer various choices to the children, to support learning on their own initiative and thus to promote the autonomy of the children.

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