KiTa Schatzinsel

Child Day Care Center in Binningen

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Playing Children

Day Nursery & Kindergarten

The KiTa Schatzinsel (Treasure Island) offers a day care service for children between 3 months and school age. In a family-like atmosphere the children experience loving care with exciting activities and plenty of space for personal development. At the same time, we live our name: each child has their own abilities, talents and strengths – treasures indeed waiting to be individually discovered and promoted.

Playing Room

Our work considers both the child as a unique person and the development of social skills within the group. More than a day care we feel committed to creating a stimulating educational environment for children, which provides emotional security and at the same time a high degree of pedagogical competence.

The children are cared for according to their age and can develop freely and playfully. We attach great importance to fostering empathy and tolerance as well as linguistic, creative and mental abilities.

Our educational concept enables the children to gain their own experiences and to conceive the world with all their senses. Due to child-friendly spaces and two secure gardens the Daycare offers miscellaneous opportunities for playing and activities of all kind – likewise retreat options. We regularly visit places where children can learn and play outside the Daycare's premises by making use of the various opportunities that Binningen and the surrounding area provide. Our popular destinations include, among others, the Basel Zoo, the nearby Castle Park as well as the Robinson Playground "Robi Daronga".

The day care center offers half-day and full-day service. Small manageable groups allow us to meet the needs of every single child and let the KiTa Schatzinsel quickly become a home away from home. Currently, there are 34 children playing, romping, reading, exploring, crafting, singing, dancing, eating, sleeping, learning, growing and developing in the KiTa Schatzinsel.

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